Jul 18

Interview with Peter Byck on his movie ”Carbon Nation” (AUDIO)

July 6th 2011, producer and director Peter Byck pays a visit to London to present a pre-release screening of his documentary movie ”Carbon nation“, an optimistic, solutions-based, non-preachy, non-partisan, big tent film that shows tackling climate change boosts the economy, increases national & energy security and promotes health & a clean environment.

Jul 17

Interview with Lucinda Belle (AUDIO)

Lucinda Belle ITW dubbed in French for FRL

Two vocal cords combined with 45 strings, Lucinda Belle is a harpist, a singer and  a songwriter.  She’s recently released her first album  with Island Records ”Lucinda Belle Orchestra, My voice and 45 strings” In this exclusive interview, Lucinda shares about  her musical pathway wich lead her to become one of the UK’s most talented artist.




Jul 17

Raw sound and double ender produced for CBC Radio One show “Spark“.

These days we see all kinds of human-machine collaboration around us. But how about a little inter-species collaboration? That’s what Canadian concept designer Vanessa Harden’s been thinking about. Vanessa is currently in London, England developing a new design process that fosters a collaboration between honeybees and humans to create bespoke furnishings. Yup, right now in London, bees are working with humans to make furniture. Vanessa, along with project co-designer Kevin Hill and beekeeper Angela Dougall, take Nora on a tour of their project.

Interspecies Collaboration on CBC Radio One show “Spark”


Apr 20

18 01 2011 Michelin House and Uk guide 100thmp3gd (AUDIO)

French documentary produced for FRL.

This year the Michelin Building located in west London is 100 years old as is the UK Michelin Guide. Peter Snelling Michelin UK’s head of communications offers us an exclusive tour of the Michelin house. He also explains the History of the Michelin guide and how the company (at the time) went from manufacturing tyres to the publication of the best-known European hotel and restaurant guide.

Apr 20

(Interview with funeral director and reactions from the habitants of Redditch UK, about their local crematorium to be  used to heat a public swimming pool)  produced for CBC’s radio show the Current.

CBC Radio One ”The Current” Cremation Nation

Apr 20

Chef Pascal Aussignac(AUDIO)

French interview recorded for FRL. Pascal Aussignac, 43, is a Toulouse-born, multiple award-winning chef and restaurant proprietor. He opened Club Gascon in 1998 with his business partner Vincent Labeyrie, followed by Celler Gascon in West Smithfield, Le Comptoir Gascon in Charterhouse Street and more recently Le Cercle in Chelsea. He discribes his success story as a chef and shares his love for South West French gastronomy. He’s recently been made Cassoulet Ambassador to the UK by the Universal Cassoulet Academy in France.

Apr 20
Tony Hawks
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Tony Hawks(AUDIO)

French interview recorded for FRL.
Tony Hawks (Not the famous skateboarder) is a TV and radio comedian and bestselling author.
I met Tony for FRL at the France show 2011 in London. He presents his latest book ”A Piano in the Pyrennees”. If you’ve never heard about Tony, please visit his website http://www.tony-hawks.com/about.php.

Apr 13


Restaurant Le belcanto de London(AUDIO)

Documentary produced for French Radio London.

The Belcanto Restaurant in west London combines opera and fine dining with an elegant twist as all the waiting staff are talented young opera tenors…



Apr 13


Live show ”Bussmann’s Holiday”, recorded at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill, London. Performed and written by comedy writer Jane Bussmann ( Smack the pony, The Fast Show, South Park) a one women show adapted from her book the Worst Date Ever.


Listen, laugh and cry. This is a true story like no other.


Bussmann’s Holiday live at the Tabernacle. Part 1

Bussman’s Holiday live at the Tabernacle. Part2


The show tells the unlikely story of how Jane grew so fed up with interviewing celebrities in Hollywood that she went to Uganda to investigate someone she Googled as ‘the most evil man in the world’, Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, wanted on charges of rape, murder and the kidnapping of ‘somewhere between’ 20-64,000 children.

Jane says this is a lie. Jane went to Uganda to impress John Prendergast, a very attractive American peace activist. When she arrived Jane was forced to actually investigate Kony. The resulting show shone new light on an appalling war crime. Bussmann’s Holiday became the book The Worst Date Ever or How it Took a Comedy Writer to Expose Africa’s Secret War. ( source at www.janebussmann.com)

I recorded Jane’s show at the Tabernacle, days before her performance in the houses of parliament (a premiere for a comedy writer to perform a show within its walls) organised by Labour MP of Wakefield Mary Creigh.  She invited me to the performance in Westminster and we produced some tape for CBC radio canada.You can listen to the material for CBC on the links below and understand why the show was presented in the house of lords .

For more info about Jane please visit her website www.janebussmann.com

Apr 13
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Jane Bussmann for CBC (AUDIO)

Interview for CBC Radio One  with Jane bussmann after her perfomance at the Houses of parliament

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